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AppMon - Application Monitor

What do you do when adverts start appearing when you unlock your phone. You know that one of your apps is responsible, but which one. More often than not the culprit is the app that has been been installed or update most recently - sometimes apps can install addition apps that you don't even know about.

App Monitor can help you identify the most recent changes. When it is first run it creates a database of all of your current apps. The next time it is run it checks all of your apps against the contents of the database.

  • New apps are highlighted in red at the top of the list. Do you remember installing it? If not then you might want to go to your phones app manager and remove it.
  • Updated apps are highlighted in orange and are placed immediately below any new apps. An updated app can also be the culprit in new behaviour.
  • Unchanged apps are listed at the bottom of the list and are not highlighted.