Mobile BASIC for Android

July 22, 2020

Mobile BASIC for Android allows you to to write personal BASIC programs directly on your mobile device. FEATURES Structured dialect of BASIC so line numbers aren’t necessary. Subroutines and Functions Arrays (Single and Multi-Dimensional). Ten Data Types: BOOLEAN, BYTE, SHORT, INTEGER, LONG, FLOAT, DOUBLE, COMPLEX, STRING and VARIANT. Trigonometry Functions for Cosine, Sine, Tangents, Cosecants, Secants and Cotangents in Radians and Degrees. Hyperbolic Trigonometry Functions for Cosine, Sine, Tangents, Cosecants, Secants and Cotangents. ... Read more …

ProCalc for Android

July 22, 2020

ProCalc is a powerful programmable scientific calculator that incorporates a BASIC interpreter together with six programmable keys (P1-P6) allowing six programs to be loaded at any time. ProCalc also comes with a built in spreadsheet that can be used in the traditional manor as well as being programatically accessible from the built in programming language. FEATURES BASIC Interpreter with 10 data types (Boolean, Byte, Complex, Double, Float, Integer, Long, Short, String and Variant) and wide range of functions including:- calculator memory access, reading and writing files, 51 maths functions, 11 string functions, 12 date and time functions, 29 graphics functions, 3 graph drawing functions, 3 touch screen functions and a couple of functions for generating messages and prompting for data input. ... Read more …