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Droidsheet - Android Spreadsheet

Droidsheet is a spreadsheet app that includes a built in Macro Programming language and File Manager.

Droidsheet has the usual facilities for inserting, deleting, copying and pasting cells either individually or in blocks. together with a range of formatting options. The formatting options allow you to change your locale (County / Region), number formats, typeface, text size, font effects, text alignment, text colour, background colour, row height and column width.


  • Mathematical Functions: ABS(), ACOS(), ACOSD(), ASIN(), ASIND(), ATAN(), ATAND(), COS(), COSD(), EXP(), EXP10(), LOG(), LOG10(), POW(), SIN(), SIND(), SQRT(), TAN() and TAND().
  • Logical Function: AND(), NOT() and OR().
  • Selection Function: IF(), HLOOKUP() and VLOOKUP().
  • Text Functions: CONCATENATE(), LEFT(), LEN(), MID() and RIGHT().
  • Stats Functions are AVERAGE(), COUNT(), COUNTBLANK(), MAX(), MIN() and SUM().
  • Financial Functions: FV() and RRI().

Droidsheet also includes a powerful Macro Programming language that can be used for performing more complex calculations. This macro programming environment is based around a structured dialect of BASIC which includes ten data types (BOOLEAN, BYTE, SHORT, INTEGER, LONG, FLOAT, DOUBLE, COMPLEX, STRING and VARIANT) together with a variety of functions including mathematical, string manipulation, time and date, type checking, type conversion, and most importantly, some for manipulating spreadsheet cell values.

Your files are stored in either your devices internal memory or on an external memory card. The included file manager helps you organise your work and allows you to browse files and folders, create new droidsheet files, opening existing droidsheet files, duplicate files, rename files, copy files, cut files, paste files, delete files, create folders, rename folders, cut folders, pasting folders and deleting folders.