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OBDII Commander - Car Analyser

OBDII Commander is an Application that is used to communicate with Bluetooth ELM327 devices attached to the OBDII connector on your car. The application allows you to retrieve many parameters from your car that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to see.

The exact parameters available does depend on your car but on many cars you will be able to see Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Engine Load, Fuel Pressure, Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, MAF Air Flow, Throttle Position etc.

OBDII Commander has facilities that let you design and build your own gauges using our Gauge BASIC programming language. Any gauges you have designed can be copied onto an external memory card using the built-in file manager and shared between your friends.

A Quick Note: There are lots of cheap ELM327 clones available that don't connect with many modern cars. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of these then please remember we didn't make it and can't do anything about it - you will have to get another from a more reputable source. If you are in this situation then please don't misdirect your frustration, please direct it to in where it belongs - the company who sold you the cloned device.

OBDII Commander features the latest in Data Driven Design which improves accuracy and ensures that the screen is only updated when the data values changes leading to improved performance and battery life.

The main gauges display is controlled by an easy to use multi-touch gesture based interface:-

1. Click on an empty space to add a new gauge.

2. Gauges can be moved by dragging to a new location.

3. Gauges are resized using a pinch gesture.

4. A double tap on the gauge brings it to the front (Useful for overlapping gauges).

5. A single tap on the gauge displays a menu that allows you to:- edit the gauge's parameter, edit the gauge's style, delete the gauge and more.

6. A long press takes a screenshot.

The parameter editor allows you to define your own parameters and apply custom calibrations which can be defined using a variety of operators and functions. The operators include:- Parenthesis, Power, Division, Modulus, Addition, Subtraction, Bit complement, Shift left, Shift right, Bitwise AND, Bitwise OR and Bitwise exclusive OR. The functions include POLY(), IF(), ACOS(), ASIN(), ATAN(), COS(), EXP(), EXP10(), LOG(), LOG10(), SIN(), SQRT() and TAN(). You can also refer to a number of built in constants including: C, E, G and PI.

The OBDII Log allows you to view the most recent communications with your ELM327 device. You can also use this screen to send your own commands directly to the ELM device.